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Auburn Lawn Care

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Tired of your currently lawn care company not doing a good job. Give Dalmatian Lawn and landscape a call. We are perfectionist and strive to make sure your property is maintained to the highest level. We do much more than cut grass! We are equipped to maintain your entire property. Trimming and Maintaning your shrubs, weed control and fertilization, and… Read more »


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Well 2021 is approaching fast. It would be a great year to start off with the best lawn care company in the Auburn and Opelika area. Especially a lawn care company that can handle all of your lawn care needs. Dalmatian lawn and landscape focuses of the attention to detail. We offer a wide range of lawn and landscape services… Read more »


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Did you know that Dalmatian Lawn does not require a contract. We let our work speak for itself. We are sure that once we take your property over that there will be no need in locking you into a contract! You will be a lawn care customer for the life of your lawn. Many references available upon request! Give Dalmatian… Read more »

Cool weather

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Finally a week of cool weather. The leaves are really falling. Call Dalmatian lawn and landscape today to get that lawn back in shape and all those leaves up. We offer a wide range of landscaping services in the Auburn and Opelika area. Lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization, dirt work, Sod installation and much more. For all your lawn… Read more »

Grass Cutting

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Dalmatian lawn and Landscape is currently adding new lawn maintenance customers. We are also adding new landscaping customers. We offer a wide range of lawn and landscaping services including lawn maintenance, Pinestraw Installation, dirt work, property grading, land clearing, and much more. Give Dalmatian lawn a call today to get added to our schedule. We service the Auburn and Opelika… Read more »

Breath of Cool Air

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Finally getting a dose of cool air here in Auburn! Feels nice after a long hot summer that seemed like it was never going to end. We were still using the weed eaters through out October which is rare. Were usually focused onblowing up leaves. Now is the time to sign up for our weed control program or freshen up… Read more »


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Well finally this up coming week looks great for some lawn maintenance and leaf cleanup. Ready for some cooler temps also. Looks like it maybe a long leaf season. Remember Dalmatian Lawn and Landscape for all your lawn care needs. We provide regular lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization, dirt work, sod installation, and much more. We offer a wide… Read more »


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Dalmatian lawn is now offering dirt work services. We can level up uneven ground, smooth out property in preparation for sod/landscaping installation and remove unwanted plants/derbies. We also offer a wide range of other lawn and landscaping services including sod installation, lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization and much more. We service the Auburn and Opelika areas. We are also… Read more »


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Well we have been putting it off long enough and finally broke down and purchased a Bobcat MT 85 skid steer for landscaping. We are now able to offer more complex landscaping installations around Auburn and Opelika. We offer regular lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization, irrigation maintenance, sod installation along with many other lawn Care services. Give us a… Read more »