A Little break

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Just wondering if it would be to much to ask for more than half a day worth of sunshine. This is getting a little bit crazy. It rains at least 3 to 4 days a week with at least 5 days of cloud cover. When the sun does decide to come out the wind blows 90 mph!! Getting pretty tired of the weather pattern and ready for some nice weather. Anyways done with my rant. Remember Dalmatian lawn is still currently adding regular lawn maintenance customers to our 2020 schedule. We offer a wide range of lawn care service including weed control. We currently have over half of our lawn maintenance customers on our weed control program and have had great results. Now is the time for pinestraw installation. Also if your needing new sod for those “naked” areas in your lawn give us a call for sod installation. We also trim small trees which could be the culprit to bare spot in your lawn. Now is the time to have those tree limbs trimmed up also. Give us a call/text today for all your lawn care needs. 334-750-6812

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