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Dalmatian lawn is now offering dirt work services. We can level up uneven ground, smooth out property in preparation for sod/landscaping installation and remove unwanted plants/derbies. We also offer a wide range of other lawn and landscaping services including sod installation, lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization and much more. We service the Auburn and Opelika areas. We are also… Read more »

Lawn Care

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Give Dalmatian lawn and landscaping a call today for all your lawn and landscaping needs in the Auburn and Opelika area. We offer a wide range of service. Sod installiation, pinestraw installiation, lawn maintenance, skid steer work, Smoothing and grading land.


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Well we have been putting it off long enough and finally broke down and purchased a Bobcat MT 85 skid steer for landscaping. We are now able to offer more complex landscaping installations around Auburn and Opelika. We offer regular lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization, irrigation maintenance, sod installation along with many other lawn Care services. Give us a… Read more »


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We have some big projects lined up in Auburn and Opelika over the next several weeks! We are taking on new clients for Landscaping projects along with Lawn Maintenance. We offer the best lawn maintenance service in the area with no contracts!! For all your lawn care needs large or small give Dalmatian Lawn and Landscape a call today!! 3347506812


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The start of this week has mixed feelings. It’s been some of the hottest weather we have had so far this year but on the flip side at least the rain has slowed down a little where we can finally Get caught up. If your in need of lawn maintenance, irrigation repair, Pinestraw Installation, sod installation, weed control and fertilization… Read more »

Picking up

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Dalmatian Lawn in currently adding new Lawn Maintenance customers. Were also able to take on landscaping jobs. If your in the market for regular lawn maintenance, weed control/ fertilization, Pinestraw Installation, irrigation repair or any other outdoor services around the Auburn/Opelika area give Dalmatian Lawn and Landscape a call today! 334 750 6812

Come on Spring

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Well looks like the week will start off with its typical rain for 3 to 5 days. The past 2 months have been really tough for the lawn care industry around the Auburn area. The weather pattern had been mostly rain with just a few days in between of sunshine then rain for several more days. It has been really… Read more »


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This rain!!!!!! Need I say more. Being in the lawn care business right now is not fun. Praying for some dry weather soon. If your lawn is in need of weed control or a good clean up with regular lawn maintenance give us a call. We may show up with our mowers in a boat but hey whatever works! Give… Read more »

A Little break

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Just wondering if it would be to much to ask for more than half a day worth of sunshine. This is getting a little bit crazy. It rains at least 3 to 4 days a week with at least 5 days of cloud cover. When the sun does decide to come out the wind blows 90 mph!! Getting pretty tired… Read more »