Horrible pinestraw job

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What were looking at here is a horrible pinestraw job done at a major shopping complex in auburn. I don’t understand why number 1 companies bid so low on jobs that this is the quality job that you receive.  2nd why do companies pay for this kind of work. I would have cancelled the contract on the spot.  This is redicilious and whoever did this should not be in the lawn business. There is more pinestraw on the bushes and concrete curb than in the actually plant bed. I get sick of looking at this kind of lawn care work around auburn and opelika because these so called lawn care companies  finally realize that the price they turned in barley covers the price of the straw much less the labor and other materials to maintain the property through out the year so the customer gets crap work through out the year  because the lawn care company can’t afford to maintain it. Do it right or find something else to do.

Now below I’m going to show you some pinestraw that dalmatian lawn and landscape installed and let’s see if you can spot the difference!  

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